01 June 2017

Moving Day

So Patrick is moving soon to the university.  I will only have four children left at home - or five, because he'll be back intermittently... but it won't be the same! 

Emperor, Patrick, Elf and G, 2004.
The last several weeks have been about putting old books he never uses and various childhood memories into boxes, packing up his LEGOs (which he never uses but he's not wanting to get rid of, ever) and going through stacks and stacks of paper.  This guy has kept college fliers from 2010.  Time to let it go! 

At this particular college, you have NO IDEA which room you'll get until you arrive.  Classes?  Bah.  You can't sign up for classes until the very week before they begin.  Meal plan?  Oh... that begins right when classes do.  So you'll arrive but I guess you pay cash or starve until classes begin.

It's a big ol' place so I don't understand why they're running this as though one guy in the main office has to hand sort everything for 5,000 students.

Anyway, so much dust has been stirred up and sooo many things have been packed for transport that it's ridiculous.  You'd think the kid just had three childhood toys, a laptop and some clothes but nope.  You realise how much stuff has just been sitting around the house that belongs to him.  I am sure I will find bunches of stuff and just have to leave it in a pile for his return.

The "kid" is nearly 24 so it's time for him to go do this.  I am exactly that parent that thought I would never eeeeverrr have an adult child in my basement but here we are.  And he has a couple of years to get through school and a bit of job-hunting to do after.  Late start I guess but at least he's starting?

Prayers and good wishes always appreciated.


  1. Excellent idea to hold onto the Legos. He may have a child of his own one day and then he can share them without paying the equivalent of three mortgages to but new ones. I was looking at some kits in the shops recently and the price tags floored me!
    I hope he does well at his chosen college.
    May I ask a question? Why are adult children in USA living in basements? I see it on TV as well. Why not just stay in the room they always had before? It's what adult children do here, where we don't have basements. Even if I did have a basement, I'd let my kids stay in their own rooms, just like they are now, like they were before I moved out. I have adult grandchildren who live in their parental home, in the same old rooms they always had.

    1. The reason he's in the basement is b/c that's where he's been since he was a teen. Having six children means the littlest were upstairs near my room and older kids in the basement.

      I think adults live in the basement so they can listen to music and keep odd hours w/o disturbing parents upstairs. Usually basements here are "walkout" so you can leave out the back door w/o making a ruckus at the front door.

      We don't really deal with TOO much noise from the children that that's a reason though. I should figure in theory one would want to make life a bit unpleasant at home or at least inconvenient so they're motivated to move, but not so horrible that they never visit. :)

  2. Ah. The "walk-out feature. That makes sense.

    1. My son (22) lives in the basement... he is working on his Masters degree online... yes, he came back after college. He moved into the basement when he was 16 when he decided he couldn't share bathrooms with his sister anymore. He moved my items out of my art room and took it over. It is full walk out and has a game room and ... more. He just emptied a room that we were piling stuff up in and made a home office down there too... so basically, room to spread out, especially after college when you have so much more belongings. My daughter is also home after college (actually away at an internship right now) and has her room and her brothers old room too.

    2. Ohhh SO many more belongings. Forgot to mention that part! SO so so true.


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