05 May 2016

Stuff I Want to Buy

Dear Internet Companies:

Thanks for your interest in my business.  I see you've spied on my search history noticed I was shopping for sandals and girls' dresses.  It IS true that summer is coming up, I like to have my children clothed appropriately, and I have some money to spend.

So let's talk.  When I search for girls' sandals on your website, please don't send me dozens of results that look like the Romans took over some dominatrix den (in gold, no less).  I want something cute, preferrably in pink, and "normal" looking.
This is more what I want.  In a size for larger children, please, and with more selection in available colours.  Screenshot from Amazon.  It's cute, right?

What you keep showing me isn't normal.  I'm sort of embarrassed when I log off your website and on to another and the sexxxy Disco Roman Dominatrix sandal keeps following me in ads in the sidebar.

So there's that.  Another thing:  my children have this odd tendency to grow every year.  I have a strong preference for NOT spending $65 on what are probably very nice sandals that would last for years and years.  My children won't be wearing them for that long.  I'm thinking $30 is a more reasonable price, and I promise not to be mad if they look dingy by the end of the season when I give them away or throw them out.

Ok, now on to the issue of "dresses."  Can you please make them out of comfy material?  What is with this tutu stuff at the bottom of most things on the market?  That itches!  My kid will never wear it.  Same with the glitter fabric and the sparkles sewn onto the fabric.  Think "simple prairie dress in a cute princess print" and for older girls, you'd change it up with horses or death skulls or whatever it is that teens are wearing now.  More like this... only with short sleeves.
Rose, not so long ago.
The thing I've been doing of late is getting those cute cotton skirts you make that are wayyy too short for modesty (think "Uhura") and teaming those up with leggings or shorts underneath in summer.  I'm finding lots of cute things like that.

And socks!  Thank you for making amazing socks for little girls.  Lots of selection on that.  There are some things you're doing very right, but pleassse improve on getting some sort of clothing and shoe selection besides strumpet-wear in the "reasonable" price range.  Thank youuuu.


  1. I like cotton clothes without lace for young children .
    T-shirts and shorts for summer and trackies for winter but not always easy to find pure cotton ones.

    1. Hmmm... they're often made of cotton here. Shipping would be problematic, tho'.

  2. "Strumpet wear", that's a good name for it.
    There are decent things available, you just have to spend more time looking for them, or shop in store rather than on line.
    I'm glad my kids are adults and but their own clothes.


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